quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

How can you rehearse something new?

 Listening and investigating and trying to find new ways of learning about the beautiful game, i end up catching key words that.. somehow does not seem right.

- Rehearse how you want to play, for example, is something that... conceptually is not wrong. You should practice the way you play. The behaviors you want to see in the game, should be in practice as well.

But then.. you listen to people saying that they should rehearse the movements so many times that it became automatic, like brushing your teeth. Something you do, without thinking about it...

And that is where something starts to "stink". The game, the game that is played now, and the game that will be played in the future, is about decisions. Conscience decisions. So... how can someone think about robotics when everything is being created?

And then... i stopped listening to the "how we want to play" and investigated "how do we get there" as in... what do they do in practice.

And all i saw, was rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. How can you play aganist ghosts, and learn anything about the game? How could Argentina, in the video, learn that the best way to solve that problem would be to keep the ball inside, and play to the ones that were free... if they would rehearse all the plays the coach imagined, time and time again?

Many people have good ideas about the game. But less and less people know how to take those ideas to the pitch, and help the players to learn those ideas in a way that makes them create the ideas over and over again, without the coach having the ps4 controller on the sides.

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  1. USA were clearly intent on suffering some more goals, pressing so high and leaving that huge gap between lines, occupied by none other than... Messi.

  2. http://espn.uol.com.br/noticia/427837_neurologistas-estudam-cerebro-de-neymar-e-descobrem-ele-joga-em-piloto-automatico