quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

How can you rehearse something new?

 Listening and investigating and trying to find new ways of learning about the beautiful game, i end up catching key words that.. somehow does not seem right.

- Rehearse how you want to play, for example, is something that... conceptually is not wrong. You should practice the way you play. The behaviors you want to see in the game, should be in practice as well.

But then.. you listen to people saying that they should rehearse the movements so many times that it became automatic, like brushing your teeth. Something you do, without thinking about it...

And that is where something starts to "stink". The game, the game that is played now, and the game that will be played in the future, is about decisions. Conscience decisions. So... how can someone think about robotics when everything is being created?

And then... i stopped listening to the "how we want to play" and investigated "how do we get there" as in... what do they do in practice.

And all i saw, was rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. How can you play aganist ghosts, and learn anything about the game? How could Argentina, in the video, learn that the best way to solve that problem would be to keep the ball inside, and play to the ones that were free... if they would rehearse all the plays the coach imagined, time and time again?

Many people have good ideas about the game. But less and less people know how to take those ideas to the pitch, and help the players to learn those ideas in a way that makes them create the ideas over and over again, without the coach having the ps4 controller on the sides.

domingo, 19 de junho de 2016

Change the rules to save the game

During this Euro2016 and Copa America Centenario, we have been watching a lot of players and nations under perform.

There are many reasons for that. Its known that the time to practice and to properly engage in a game model is long, and it takes even more time when the ideas the National Team Coach has, are different from the ideas of the clubs.

Players get together from different places, and all of a sudden, they need to perform like they think as one.  It is really hard to achieve.

And it is much harder, when most of the time, instead of getting knew game principles, instead of adapting to the ideas of the national team, time is used to recovering players from fatigue and from long term injuries.

Everyone wants to see the best players play at their best. Everyone wants to see quality football, but is that really possible when during 10 months the best players and the best teams play every 3 days? The demand on players from the bigger clubs, that are in the last stages of every competition is huge, and something needs to be done to reduce that demand to try to keep the players in the best condition possible, for as much time as possible.

One o
f the rules that could help, would be to have 4, or even 5 subs during the game. Limit the amount of times a team could sub (for example, 2 times during the
second half) and would really help improving the show in a long term. Having fewer players play 90 minutes, would create the opportunity of more players showing their skills, and would raise the level of performance by having more players close to 100% of their ability for a longer period of time.

To have better quality in summer tournaments, players need to arrive at those competitions in better conditions.

sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2015

Ozil vs Silva. Is this Germany vs Spain?

When Henry speaks, we listen. Do not always agree with Carragher, but i do this time. Do you think the differences between this two amazing players can also be the difference between this two great nations of today Football?

Is Spain all about mobility and being everywhere and involved in the game, and Germany, also with great positional offensive capacity, but more with this quarterback style of creating goal chances?


quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2015

Ozil - Assist King

"He sees things that no one else can see"

"He is special"

Yes, he is, and yes, he can. But Ozil (and many others) are still Humans, like you and me. There is not any supernatural thing going on, no x-files, no magic, no nothing of that sort.

What makes the difference, and what makes Ozil special, is the understanding of the game. Its the intelligence he shows on every decision.

Knowing his teammates, knowing the opponent, and having so much experience, helps predicting what is going to happen next. He is able to predict what is going to happen and act accordingly to his predictions.

Its 3534535358723057897230985725 hours of not being trapped with rules that castrate this kind of options. Being free to pass to whoever he wants, to touch the ball as many times as he wants, to explore the game without being afraid to make mistakes.

Is making lots of mistakes, but being aware of them, and learning from them. I
ts trying again, but just a little bit different.. just to see if this time he can do it.

Its having the relationship with the ball so good, that he is able to interact with the game and turning into actions what he feels he should do at that moment. Its being able to put intentions into practice.

He does not even realize it, and may call it instinct .. but its avaluating the game and interacting with it based on that avaluation.

terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2015

Game model - Step by step

From Klopp,

"Maybe we could have done better so far, but it is OK. We are not even halfway into the season. We have not had a long time together," Klopp said.
"I think we are giving the players as much information as we can. Every day, if I tell them all things I know, for sure it would be too much. It is all about timing. The right amount of information is very important.
"We don't want them going on to the pitch with their papers thinking, 'What is point three?' We are just looking for the next step.

Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/klopp-cant-forget-fing-palace-loss#BsVeBCESTgVCt5gf.99

It does not matter if you are teaching grown ups, or children. Coaching is always a challenge, you know so much things, you imagine your players playing in a high level and.. we tend to try to give them as much information as fast as possible. 

That is usually one of the mistakes a young coach has. He is so eager to teach, that he "throw" the entire information and hopes that they (players) can manage it. Then, what it happens is... coaches and players frustrated. Because from one side... they are now doing/learning everything you are teaching... and from the other side, they realize that they are not living up to your expectations.

Keep it simple, baby steps. 

Liverpool changed so much in just a few weeks, but at the same time... Klopp only changed the "big things" first. 

"the force is strong with this one", so you can expect that the complexity in Liverpool's game to get to higher levels in time, when the players show that they are ready for more. 

The process is something like: New information - process+experiment+make mistakes+experiment some more+start do do it right+experiment some more+start to consolidate+being able to perform correctly. And then they start to be ready for something more. 

This is one of the aspects Mourinho helped to change the football way of approaching training. Practice what you play. Start with major principles, and then go for sub-principles, sub-sub-principles. One thing at a time, because they cannot take it all at once.

domingo, 1 de novembro de 2015

Klopp - Between the lines

Coaches interviews tell us a lot about how they want their teams to play. If the right questions are asked... and if the coach is open enough about it.

Klopp, after the Chelsea win, showed what he wants Liverpool to do when they have the ball and are trying to build up and create chances.

When you pass the ball between the lines of the opponent, you can *remove* players of the play, and a 10v10+ GK transforms into something way more simple.

Here are some examples of what we are trying to say.

It almost looks easy, right?

quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2015

What is happening Wenger?

Not in any case this post must undermine the brilliant win of Sheffield Wednesday yesterday. 

What is happening (or not happening) that is causing so many injuries?

Is it the off training behaviour of the players? Not enough rest, unwise choices in nutrition?

Or does it has something to do with training?

Most of this injuries are not caused by trauma, tackles or high impact contact. The reason has to be something related to what is happening in the training grounds. 

What is up Wenger?